Vinaigrette Sterling Silver Lockets

Victorian Style Vinaigrette Sterling Silver LocketWe have had several of our customers ask, what is a Vinaigrette Locket?  No, it has nothing to do with a nice light dressing for your salad.  Typically the front of a Vinaigrette Silver locket has open filigree work and the back of the locket is solid. Sometimes the filigree open work is on both sides. These types of Silver Lockets were used in Victorian times and earlier and had a little sponge or piece of cloth inside that would be soaked in a ladies perfume or a solid perfume could be put inside.   A lady would hold the locket up to her nose as she passed by certain areas that maybe did not have the sweetest of aromas.  The earliest of Aromatherapy treatments. Today we sell these Sterling Silver Lockets in many different styles and we are in the process of adding 15 new styles to our locket collection.

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