What you need to know when shopping online

Shopping on the web can be a scary thing, so here are a few tips to help you while shopping online.  When I am looking at a site and trying to determine if I trust them and want to do business with them I always look for a few basic things.  First do they have a privacy policy?  All sites should have one and it should tell you how they use information that they collect on you during the shopping process.  Read this carefully if what they have written doesn’t make you comfortable then it’s time to leave and find another site.  One more comment about a company’s privacy policy.  I always like to read that in their policy that they do not sell or market my information to any outside companies.  (Privacy should always mean privacy).

Second thing I look for:  If I am buying products from them – do they have a customer feedback system or customer testimonials? This is a great way of seeing how they take care of their customers.  Its also a great way of getting some great gift ideas that other people have bought and their experience with the product.  When looking at testimonials you should look for dates. This will tell you if the testimonials are recent or old.  Its always good to see customer feedback that is both recent and consistent.

Last thing is site security.  This is hard becuase there are so many different ways to verify a site is secure.   While shopping on your site you should look for logos or site security information.  Many of these images can be clicked on for additional information about the sites security, but remember all of this can be faked.   So the most important thing to remember is that before enter your credit card information you should always look at the navigation bar of your browser and make sure the the URL of the Site has changed from http://www.silverminegifts.com to https://www.silverminegifts.com/….ect    The “https:” means that the page you are on is secure and encrypted.   There is always more to talk about on this subject but there is never enough time. 

Just remember the three basic rules and enjoy your shopping experience.  There is a world of fun sites to visit and enjoy.     Ralph

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