Silver pillboxes – all round gifts for any occasion


Sterling Silver Scallop Shell Pillbox
Sterling Silver Scallop Shell Pillbox

Silver pillboxes – an all round gifts for any occasion
Silver pillboxes make an excellent gift for just about anybody, your mother, your father, your husband, a new born etc. You will find that not only are these little things useful, but they are also the perfect item to be handed down through the generations. You will find the use of pillboxes in World War 2 where tablets were weighed and then dispensed in cardboards pillboxes. Of course the pillboxes that you will find worth collecting or gifting are the ones made of porcelain and metals like silver.
The variety
If you are looking for a silver pillbox to gift someone, the variety will make your job very difficult. Silver pillboxes are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You will find the regular shapes like circular, rectangular, oval and squares. However, these are more or less plain and with little or no work on them. The more ornate pill boxes you might want to consider are the ones with the porcelain tops, stone work and other shapes. Porcelain top pill boxes are available with pictures of all kinds from cherubs to animals. You could probably gift these to an older person. The more interesting pillboxes are the silver ones that come in the shape of things like purses, books, lockets, doctor’s bags, candy etc. You will find these more befitting for someone younger. You will also find regular shaped silver pillboxes with unique lids, like a lid in the shape of a sea shell or a curled up cat etc.
An ideal gift for your mother
Silver pillboxes make an ideal gift for your mother. Besides it being useful, it is a great item to personalize. Choose a pillbox with a fairly simple and classic shape. These are the ones that are timeless. If you look around carefully, you will even find some with a little bit of work around the edges. Pick one of these and then get it engraved with something special that is just between the two of you. Another great thing that you could do is to fill up the pillbox with a few small pieces of silver jewelry as well to add to the surprise.
Great Valentine’s Day gifts
Silver pill boxes make great Valentine day gifts as well. Picking a special one and getting it personalized is the perfect way to telling someone that you care. If you are a last minute shopper, or you simply have not had the time to look out for a gift, this would make an ideal option for you. Silver pill boxes of all kinds are available online. You can pick the ideal one for you and even get it engraved. These boxes are usually shipped out in 48 hours so they will reach you well in time.
An excellent choice for a family heirloom
Passing on family heirlooms is no longer something that the aristocrats do. It is also becoming a very common concept amongst regular society. If you have to gift somebody something, why not look at a gift that can be kept for years and then passed on? Silver pillboxes make excellent choices for gift like these. You can choose from porcelain ones to plain ones. These pretty boxes can become the next new heirloom in the family.

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