Silver Silver Decanter Tags / Liquor Labels – a must have accessory for your bar

Heart Shaped Silver Liquor Decanter Label / Tag
Heart Shaped Silver Liquor Decanter Label / Tag

Decanting is basically the process of separating mixtures so as to leave the sediment behind. This process is applied mainly to wine but is used frequently with other alcohol as well. You will find that a lot of people decant their liquor to date even if it is a good brand. A lot of people keep well stocked bar equipped with decanter for every kind of alcohol that they possess. If you know someone like this nothing could be a better gift than a set of silver decanter tags or liquor labels to add that touch of old world charm to their bar. Decanter tags made in silver and other materials are freely available on the internet. They even come with options of being engraved if you like. Decanter tags available online also come in a variety of designs to suit everyone’s tastes from simple one to ornate looking ones.
Blank decanter tags
If you are considering buying a set of silver decanter tags or liquor labels for someone you do not know very well or have no idea of the kind of bar that they keep, blank decanter tags would be the safest bet. That way they can get them engraved at a later date to suit their requirements. Blank decanter tags are available in rectangular and oval shapes with simple and ornate border designs. You can choose from a variety of them depending on your style or the style of the person that you are gifting them to.
Engraving silver decanter tags and liquor labels
All decanter tags and liquor labels come with blank centers so that you can get them engraved. Any website or shop that you are buying these tags from should be able to offer you this service for a small fee. Most of these vendors will even be able to offer you different types and styles of fonts that you can choose to personalize the silver decanter tags that you are buying. You will be able to engrave the names of all kinds of liquors on these tags, from vodka and gin to scotch and whisky.
Simple silver decanter tags and liquor labels
If clean and simple decanter tags is the style that suits you best then there are plenty of classic options that you can choose from in terms of designs. For the basic shape of the liquor label you will have a choice of both oval and rectangular shapes. Both kinds of tags will come with a standard size of chain that is about 6 inches long. You will find that even the simplest of decanter tags have some sort of design around the edges. These designs however are very simple like a single row of beads of even a rope design.
Ornate silver decanter tags and liquor labels
If your tastes are inclined towards and antique and Victorian look then you should consider choosing decanter labels that are ornate. Most of the labels that are available in the market nowadays are replicas of antiques. A lot of these look like they belong to the Victorian era with flowers, swirls and leaves as part of their motifs.

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