What makes us different….

When shopping on the Internet do you really know who your dealing with?  This is a tough question.  Do you really know who and what is behind the pretty web page you see online.  I just wanted to write about us and how we might be different from other online jewelry and gifts sites.  First and most important is the fact that we do not out-source any of our engraving, shipping or product fulfillment.  Everything your buy from us comes from us and we inspect and check every order personally.  This allows us to maintain the highest quality and consistency.  We have all the latest jewelry equipment are experts when it comes to handling, polishing, repairing and engraving Sterling Silver Jewelry and Gifts.  Since we are a family owned and operated business your satisfaction is always our main concern.  Please read through our customer testimonials.  This is a great way for your to see what our customers really think about what we sell and how we handle each and every order.  Happy shopping ….Ralph

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