Prices you can trust…

As I read my daily newspaper and browse all the ads I am constantly surprised by how many jewelry and gifts stores seem to be running huge sales almost every week.  Some of these sales go as high as 80% off….wow.. .   I wonder what the people think who shop at these stores and pay full price because of some bad timing or a immediate need for a gift for an special occasion.

I want to let our customers know that we don’t have these type of sales.   We do offer a closeout section of our website for items that we are discontinuing, but when these items are gone they will never return.  We believe in a consistent fair price offered 365 days a year.  Since we are a family owned and operated business we are able to keep our prices low with careful cost control and our direct purchases with our factories.   We want you to trust that the price we offer is fair, the quality is high and that your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Have fun shopping….Ralph

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