How to Care for Your Silver Pieces

A soft cloth wouldn’t do it. Paper towel wouldn’t do it. A sponge and hot water wouldn’t do it. You’ve tried everything Grandma suggested, but still can’t seem to give your silver the luster you know it’s capable of exuding. Could it be that you’re applying the wrong trick? Grab a pen and pad and follow these instructions on how to properly care for your silver.

Store your silver jewelry in tarnish-proof cloths or bags. Tarnish retarding cloths help slow down the aging process. Think of it as the Botox of the jewelry world. More importantly, it keeps the jewelry from rubbing against harder jewelry that might damage it. You can find tarnish prevention bags in jewelry and department stores in the silver and jewelry section.

It’s also necessary to try and store your silver in a dry, cool place. It’s important to ensure that your silver storage bags are kept dry, because moisture may cause them to lose their silver tarnish prevention properties.

Contrary to popular belief, polishing silver is not an exhaustive process. All it takes is the right materials and in just a matter of minutes your silver will be back to looking like a new piece.

Always go with polishing cloths when cleaning your silver jewelry. As much as you love following grandma’s advice, avoid dangerous tricks like cleaning jewelry with toothpaste. Toothpaste is abrasive and tends to leave scratches. There’s a reason toothpaste is used for the hardened surface of human teeth.

Silver tarnish dips have been known to leave yellow residue on silver, so stay away from these when cleaning your pieces.

If all else fails:
If you’ve done everything you can to restore the luster of your silver to no avail, consider sending it in for professional repair. If your piece is displaying a gold or yellowish tone, you may need to have it professionally cleaned.

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