Why Silver and Gold Lockets are the perfect gift for any occassion

Silver Lockets are the perfect gift

I think that engraved lockets are just about the most perfect gift for almost any occasion.  So I guess I should explain myself a little. In the 9 years that I have been in this business I have seen our customers do some amazing things with their custom engraved lockets. Since we engrave most of the silver and gold lockets we sell, you can make each gift giving opportunity unique with an custom engraved message or even a fun thought.

Lockets have been used throughout history to memorialize loved ones, convey special messages and even make things smell a little better. In pre-Victorian times people would use lockets to memorialize a loved one by putting in a small amount of that person’s hair and wearing the locket to keep them close.  Some Edwardian and earlier lockets had open filigree work in the front, a closed back and would contain a small sponge scented with perfumes or oils and were used to hide some of the bad smells of the time with open sewers in the cities and countryside.

Today with modern photography many people add photos of loved ones into their lockets. Recently I went to my Aunts 90th birthday party, I had found a nice photo of her and late husband who had passed away a few years ago. I engraved the back of the locket with a “happy 90th Birthday message” and put the picture of her and her husband inside.  All I can say is that when I gave her the locket the tears began to flow from both her and me. That event really made me understand what some of our customers feel when they give lockets as thoughtful gifts to their loved ones.

Many people like to memorialize their pets with a locket as well.  I have engraved many cute cat and dog names over the years onto lockets for loving owners.  If the locket is small and you don’t have enough room to engrave the full message you want, then another great idea is to put a message on paper and put it inside the locket.  Engraved lockets are perfect for special events like graduations, birthdays and ceremonies.

I could go on and on about all the uses of lockets and why I think they are just about the most perfect gift for any occasion.  Maybe there are a few ideas for you in here or I am sure you can come up with your own unique uses for a lockets.

~I would love to hear and ideas you have……Ralph

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