Decanter tags bring a bit of history to the dinner table or bar

Decanter tags bring a bit of history to the dinner tableDecanter tags also known as bottle tickets or liquor labels have been in use for 100’s of years. Wines were probably some of the first liquids to be placed in decanters. Since older white and red wines develop sediments as they age, you need to decanter them and filter out the sediment to make the wine more palatable. Once the wine was placed in the decanter, tags were needed to identify the bottle contents.

Early English traditions of the men retiring to drink spirits after dinner enhanced the need for Decanter tags as this was generally a very formal affair and crystal decanters with ornate bottle tags added to the elegance of the occasion. During this period of time other spirits like Port, Bourbon and Whiskey were put into decanters which increased the need to use decanter tags for identification.

Some of the finest handmade designs of decanter tags came out of England starting mostly in the early 1700’s. Many of the worlds finest Silversmiths developed some beautiful examples of Liquor bottle tags. You can find many examples with family crests, marks of royalty and other traditional British symbols like lions in their designs.

Today decanter or bottle tags are used for much more than just identifying liquors or wines. You can find examples of bottle tags for labeling soaps, medicine, spices, sauces, memorial ashes and of course Liquor and Wines. Bottle tags are used many times to commemorate special occasions like weddings and anniversaries or even corporate accomplishments.

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