History of Christmas Tree / Holiday Ornaments

Sterling Silver Rocking Horse Christmas Tree / Holiday OrnamentThe origin of Christmas tree ornaments as we know them today began in Germany in the 17th Century. This was the point where trees were first brought indoors to celebrate Christmas and were decorated. Initially, the decorations were fruits and nuts. There were two reasons for this. On one hand, these were the types of things that grew on the trees naturally. The other reason was that these foods celebrated the hopeful rebirth of the crops in the Spring season.

The tradition of the Christmas trees and ornaments reached England in the 19th Century, popularized by Queen Victoria’s German husband, Prince Albert. Christmas tree ornaments became widespread in the United States in the late Nineteenth Century, as well.

German merchants started producing glass ornaments in the early 1800s for use in their own homes or as gifts. It wasn’t until the 1880s that glass ornaments were produced on a large scale for public sale. The German town of Lauscha, a center for glass-blowing at the time, became the source for most glass ornaments sold in the world. Woolworth’s store in the U.S. started buying them and they quickly became a very popular item. In the 20th Century, Japan, the Czech Republic, and the U.S. all started to produce their own glass ornaments to rival Germany.

Silver ornaments were first produced in the early 1970s. Silver had always been a part of Christmas decorations (the first type of tinsel in the 17th Century was made from silver strands). Silver tree ornaments were traditionally given on three occasions:  1) a baby’s first Christmas 2) newlyweds’ first Christmas 3) a special occasion for the family. Silver Christmas ornaments have become increasingly popular because not only do they look beautiful on a lit Christmas tree, but the ornaments also become more valuable as time passes. If the ornaments are made of sterling silver, they can last for generations and can be handed down as precious family heirlooms. Silver Mine Gifts has sterling silver Christmas tree ornaments available in a variety of special shapes such as Stars, Santa Claus, Angels, Nutcrackers and Rocking Horses for the holiday season.

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