Christmas / Holiday Gifts for Babies and Infants

Sterling Silver Engravable Baby Shoe Charm makes a perfect giftIt can be very difficult to select a Christmas present for newborn babies and infants. In many cases, baby showers account for clothing and other supplies. At that stage of life, the child is too young to enjoy most toys, books or games. Often, the best Christmas gift is a keepsake, an item that marks the occasion of the baby’s birth or baby’s first Christmas. Parents can treasure these gifts while the baby is small. The keepsake can then be given to the child when he or she is a bit older and passed on to their own children becoming a family heirloom.

There are several options open to gift-givers when considering a keepsake for a baby, whether you are the parent, relative, or friend of the family. Many families like to give their baby a lovely Christmas ornament engraved with their name. Each year when the tree is decorated, the ornament is a reminder of the baby’s first Christmas and the joyous feelings it created.

Another idea for a baby or infant is a rattle. Sterling Silver Rattles are wonderful gifts because they are both a keepsake and a developmental toy for babies. Stimulating the senses is one of the most important things for a newborn baby. Rattles stimulate the baby’s sense of hearing and touch. Plus, rattles can be a great way to play and interact with your baby. Silver Mine Gifts offers many different types of rattles: rings, chiming ball rattles, spinning rattles, even Victorian style rattles.

In addition to rattles, there are other gifts for babies that can be functional as well as keepsakes. Pacifier clips help parents as well, since babies will often lose or drop pacifiers. However, pacifier clips made of silver not only provide the same functionality, but also become special reminders of the first years of a baby’s life. There are many other options for special keepsake gifts for a baby or infant available at Silver Mine Gifts. All of the silver baby gifts are Heirloom quality, meaning they will last for years and even for generations.

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