The Best Present for Mother’s Day

Sterling Silver Oval Mothers Day LocketAs Mother’s Day fast approaches, you may be wondering how you can best show your mother that you appreciate and love her. There are so many different ways to demonstrate your feelings, but one of the best is probably also the most simple – tell her. Many people are uncomfortable expressing their deep feelings, but one of the best ways to make your mother feel loved is to tell her how much she means to you. We all like to be told that people care for us, and these words will make her truly feel this.

There are other ways to show appreciation to your mother on Mother’s Day. If you live within close proximity, plan a visit or take your mother somewhere. Mother’s Day brunches and lunches are always very popular. It might even be difficult to get a reservation. In any case, consider something that your mother really enjoys doing, or something that she has always discussed doing. If it doesn’t require advance planning or tickets, consider surprising her with a special day doing activities she enjoys. The event doesn’t matter as much as spending quality time together.

In many cases, we live far from our parents and spending Mother’s Day together isn’t a realistic option. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make an effort to reach out to your mother. No matter how often you speak to your mother on the phone, calling her on mother’s day and having a nice conversation is something she will appreciate. This is the perfect opportunity to tell her your feelings. Even if you have already sent a card, and even if you’ve written a heartfelt message, it’s still nice to say these things.

You may also want to give a Mother’s Day gift. Each person is different and there is no “perfect” Mother’s Day present. Perhaps your gift can be a future opportunity to spend time together. Maybe there is a keepsake gift that will be special to her. My family recently came together to take a family portrait, which was something my mother was very excited to have. While expensive and luxurious gifts can be great ways to express your love to your mother, they are not the only way. Regardless of whether you are giving a Mother’s Day present or not, spend the time to tell her how much you care.

What are some ways that you tell your mother how you feel? If you are a mother, what are the most special Mother’s Day giftss or gestures you have ever received?

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