Inexpensive Ideas for Thanksgiving Decorating

Inexpensive Ideas for Thanksgiving DecoratingThanksgiving presents a special time of the year for us to be with our family and loved ones. It’s a great time to enjoy a large meal and companionship. What separates Thanksgiving from any other special family meals, though, is that Thanksgiving is our national celebration of autumn, giving us a chance to outfit our homes with the feel of fall. However, Thanksgiving decorating does not have to be a costly process with endless store-bought knickknacks. It is actually quite easy to develop a wonderful Thanksgiving look on a budget. Also, why spend and spend on decorations when that money can be used towards the meal – or even holiday shopping! Here are some tips for enhancing your home this November.

Use nature After all, Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrating the bounty of nature, so why not use the natural gifts all around us. If they are seasonal in your area, gather some twigs, pinecones and fallen leaves for decorating (children will also enjoy helping with this!). You may need to dry and flatten the leaves. To do this, put them between paper towels underneath a stack of books or other flat heavy object. Also, consider using unshelled nuts like acorns or walnuts. Even if you don’t live in an area where there are fallen leaves or pinecones, these items will be less expensive on their own than if you buy a pre-made decoration at the department store.

Pumpkins and gourds If you have leftover pumpkins from Halloween that have not been cut or painted, they can also be reused as Thanksgiving decorations, especially when displayed with leaves and fall symbols. Gourds of various sizes will be available at many stores at this time of year, and they are another great fall decoration. If they seem too expensive at the supermarket, consider going to a produce stand or farmer’s market if there is one nearby, where you may be able to get many decorative gourds and pumpkins for low prices. You may find that they have some groceries you need for the big meal!

Pick autumn colors You do not need to be an interior designer to pick out a decorating scheme for your house for Thanksgiving. Concentrate on earthy fall tones like gold, green, brown, dark red and orange. Go to a craft store and purchase some fabric in a few of these colors. You can cut this into place settings or just drape it in spots around your home. Also consider using ribbon in one of these colors, perhaps in a contrasting color as an accent. Don’t forget to decorate more than just the Thanksgiving table. You’d be surprised how far some orange and brown fabric underneath a bowl of nuts and leaves will go towards creating a festive environment.

Fire is your friend Thanksgiving comes in late fall, where in much of the U.S. the weather has started to turn cool and the days are getting shorter. A decorating solution to both of these conditions is to use fire. If you have a fireplace, consider cleaning and lighting it for Thanksgiving. Even if you don’t have a fireplace (or if it’s too big of a job to get it ready), light a number of candles around your home. The combination of the low lighting and subtle heat will give your home a cozy feel. You may also want use candles scented in autumn smells to add to the feel. Don’t have too many competing scents, though – with scented candles, a little goes a long way.

Homemade centerpiece Of course, the key to any Thanksgiving holiday is the dinner table, and the center of any Thanksgiving table is a centerpiece. Although there are many lovely centerpieces to be bought, you can also make a beautiful and cost-conscious centerpiece on your own. Consider a glass vase with some fall flowers. Also, use some of the natural items you have gathered like leaves, nuts and twigs. You can assemble them with a hot glue gun, but it may work just as well with the items arranged in a large glass bowl. Aim for a few contrasting textures and colors in your centerpiece.

These are just a few of the suggestions for creating charming and budget-friendly decorations for Thanksgiving. Go with what matches your personality and what suits your schedule. Mostly, have fun with it. If you have other ideas for Thanksgiving decorating, please share them in the comments.

God Bless you and have a happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Silver Mine Gifts.

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