Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Date Ideas for Valentine's DayValentine’s Day can be a great chance to show the people in our lives that we care about them. Whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, taking a night out of the normal schedule and doing something special is a nice way to celebrate your relationship. However, it can be difficult to know what kind of date to plan, especially if you have been with someone for enough time that you have tried many different types of dates. Here are some ideas for a change up on an ordinary date – but ones that still doesn’t require too much expense or advance planning.

Learn something new together. Many couples have had a great experience taking a dance class together. There are so many different types of couples’ dances: swing, ballroom, salsa, and country line, to name a few. Any type of dance allows you to spend time close to your partner. Plus, there are bound to be some laughs along the way as you make a misstep or two. Many dance classes will require you to attend for a number of weeks, but some are single-night sessions. Another option, especially if you are planning a trip to another country, is to begin to learn some words or phrases in a new language together.

Outdoor Activities. Although much of the United States will usually be rather chilly in February, if you happen to be somewhere warm, outdoor activities can make a great date. Rent bikes (if you don’t own them) and go for a ride. Or you can find a nearby park and plan a hike together. If you don’t want too much physical exertion, an outdoor picnic can also be a great date activity. Even if you are in an area that is cold in February, there is still some fun to be had outdoors. Ice skating and even skiing, if you are near a slope, makes a fun day outside. Plus, when it’s cold out, it can be even better to come back into the warmth with some hot cocoa.

Try a new cultural or entertainment option. Obviously, movies (both in home and at the local theater) are a wonderful date stand-by. If you’re looking for something special and different, however, there are many other arts and entertainment performances to consider attending. You could visit a local museum, many of which will have a free or reduced price admission during certain times. Another option is attending an orchestra performance or stage play if you don’t normally seek these out. If you’re looking for something lighter, find a stand-up comedy night in your area or live music in a style that you don’t normally see. Even if the show doesn’t turn out to be something you both love, you will have something interesting to talk about when the performance is finished.

Find food and drinks outside a restaurant. Securing a reservation at a nice restaurant around Valentine’s Day can be very difficult. Plus, you may have already gone the fancy dinner route in previous years. As an alternative, consider a cooking class at a local market, university, or restaurant. The classes are often pretty easy to follow and usually come with an example of the dish at the end. Another way to expand your dating options is to attend a wine tasting. Even if you don’t know much about wines, you can learn some useful tips to figure out what you do and don’t like to drink.

Spend your date at home. While it is important to go out and spend some time with your partner, some situations make that more difficult. Whether it is due to having young children or just wanting to spend less money, an at-home date night can still be a lot of fun. You can splurge a little on some delicious food. Maybe throw yourself a “surf and turf” night with some gourmet steak and lobsters. Or decide on a TV series that you both have wanted to see and begin watching the first few episodes on your date. If you like it, it can become an easy ongoing event you can plan at home. If you have other friends who also don’t want to have a traditional Valentine’s Day date, you can plan a game night with a few other couples.

There are countless other great options for a special date on Valentine’s Day. Try to be imaginative and plan something unique and  don’t forget that we have a great selection of Engraved Valentine’s Day Gifts that will make him or her smile.

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