Symbology in Jewelry

Sterling Silver Vintage Style Amethyst RingFor most people, silver jewelry is worn because of either the look and feel of a piece or perhaps sentimental reasons (received as a gift or family heirloom). However, there are some for whom wearing silver jewelry has an important symbolic function. For these people, jewelry is a way to link to powerful metaphysical forces. And the type of jewelry worn and placement of the piece is very significant for receiving those forces. In the past civilizations, this was commonplace.  Jewelry was frequently used as a talisman to tap into energy that existed both within the body and outside of it.

There are many who believe that the type of gemstone worn affects the health and capabilities of the wearer. There are separate physical and emotional attributes that a particular gemstone may have. So, for those who ascribe to symbology, the gemstone is chosen for the desired qualities rather than the attractiveness of its appearance or correlation with a birth month. Sapphire has been said to promote clarity and in some cases financial windfall. Emerald combats fear and produces harmony. Diamonds supposedly amplify both positive and negative thoughts and emotions. There are many other gemstones, each with unique properties.

In addition to the type of stone worn, the color and shape of a piece of jewelry is said to have an impact in its symbology. In the past, many people have worn jewelry with animal designs because those animals correlate to certain traits. For instance, jewelry involving lion shapes is said to promote might and courage. Bee shapes relate to hard work and productivity. While a gemstone usually has a certain inherent color and many believe in the power of the stones, there are others who simply relate the color of a piece of jewelry to its common association in western culture. Purple has long been the color of royalty while green is often seen as a color of hope. So there are some who choose their jewelry for those reasons.

Even beyond the particular piece of jewelry, many who believe in symbology say that where the piece is worn on the body is an important component of its power. For instance, whether an item of jewelry is worn on one’s dominant or non-dominant hand affects its qualities. A ring worn on the dominant hand relates to what is done by oneself while jewelry on the other hand relates to what is done to oneself by others. Another view is that the hand where a ring is worn connects to the halves of the brain. Since the left brain controls logic and decisions (and the right side of the body), rings worn on the right hand represent reason. Conversely, rings worn on the left hand connect to creativity. Even the particular finger where a ring is worn is important. Each finger represents a different quality or desire.

Obviously, this is just an overview of the beliefs related to symbology in jewelry that only scratches the surface of the topic. Individual groups and cultures have unique views on these elements, each stressing different things. Whether you actively believe and practice symbology or not, it is still a fascinating topic – one that might make you think differently the next time you wear a piece of jewelry.  From your friends at Silver Mine Gifts.

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