How can I Engrave a Monogram with 4 letters in my Name? (Engraving Secrets Revealed)

Recently a customer of ours called and wanted 4 letters engraved using a monogram style of engraving. For those of you who don’t know, a Monogram is a style of engraving where the last name initial is larger in the center, the first name initial is to the left of center and the middle name initial is to the right of center.

Example of 3 letter Monogram engraving







So, what do you do when you have 4 letters in your name or maybe you only have three letters but you want to keep your maiden name? One good solution is to put the maiden name or the 4th initial inside the larger center initial.  See below

Monogram Engraving example with 4 letters
Monogram Engraving example with 4 letters

Our customer wanted this done on one of our Sterling Silver Italian Napkin rings and it came out beautiful. We have been engraving Sterling Silver Gifts for over 10 years and the best ideas seem always to come from our customers. Thank you…..Ralph

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