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Art Deco Sapphire and Ruby of a kind.. made by us.
Art Deco Sapphire and Ruby ring….one of a kind.. made by us.

Recently we purchased an old bank building so we could continue to grow and offer more services to our customers. Since moving in, approx. 60 days ago, we have started to offer more and more choices in several items we carry. Most all of our Sterling Silver Rings we can size to your specific requirements including 1/4 and 1/2 sizes. Many of our Art Deco rings can be purchased with several new gemstone choices like Ruby, Sapphire, Citrine, Garnet, Amethyst and several colors of Topaz like London, Swiss and Sky Blue Topaz. So if you see a style that you like but might want a different stone give us a call….we would love to talk with you about the options we have available.

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