Setting The Day: How to make your holiday table Wow them during the Holidays:

The holiday season is upon us, and nothing defines the holidays like the word tradition. Spending quality time with family and friends at a table with a traditional setting creates a place where memories will be made. If you aren’t familiar with traditional place setting let us help you. These easy to follow steps will be all you need to create a setting that will the focal point of the holidays.

Decide what sort of decorative elements you want to include with your table setting. If your table has room for a centerpiece, you can choose a floral arrangement or something in line with the season, such as a bowl of apples or squashes. The next step is to pick a tablecloth

Include a charger at each place setting. A charger is a large plate that sits at the center of each place setting. For the early courses, the soup bowl and/or salad plate is place on top of the charger. When it is time for the main entrée, the charger is replaced with the entrée plate. A charger is not a necessity for a nice table setting.

Set your utensils outwards in to proceed with the courses. So the utensil that will be used first (usually the salad fork) will be the furthest from the plate and the entrée fork will be the closest to the plate. Forks are set on the left side of the charger/center plate. Spoons and knives are set on the right side of the plate, with knives are always turned towards the plate. You can place glasses at the top right of the place setting

Classic Sterling Silver Round Napkin Ring
Classic Sterling Silver Round Napkin Ring

For your holiday table one of the most important features is the napkin. A cloth napkin is a nice touch that lends your holiday feast a touch of sophistication while you enjoy the company and delicious food. Place the napkin inside a napkin ring on the center plate. The holiday table setting is a simple and inexpensive way to celebrate special time with loved ones. Silver Mine Gifts has a variety of pewter and sterling silver napkin rings that will match whatever type of table you decide to set for Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season.

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