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Trends in Valentine’s Day Gifts and Cards

Sterling Silver Heart LocketOther than Christmas and birthdays, one of the most popular gift giving days is Valentine’s Day. However, unlike those other two occasions, gifts on Valentine’s Day tend to be romantic. So while electronics, household items, or clothes are prominent gifts at Christmas, they are less common for Valentine’s Day. Some of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s are flowers, jewelry, chocolates or candies, perfume or cologne, and personalized items.

Black Friday Everyday at

We believe in offering our best price on fabulous jewelry and gifts 365 days a year. Since we are a family owned and operated business we are able to keep our prices low with careful cost control and our direct purchases with our factories. We want you to trust that the price we offer is fair, the quality is high and that your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. Read our customer testimonials to see what our customers are saying about us…

New Advanced Search Page – Find Gifts Easier

We have recently made some significant improvements to our advanced search page. This new search page will allow you to do searches based on any number of gift specific criteria including price, shape, metal, style and many other choices. Since we carry over 1500 gifts on our website we felt that it was important to provide a refined search engine that would make it easier for you to find that perfect gift at Silver Mine Gifts. We hope you will enjoy this new feature, let us know what you think and any tips to help us improve it would be greatly appreciated… Create a family heirloom today at Silver Mine Gifts.

Quality, low prices and fast delivery. It doesn’t get much better.

When we started our jewelry company 9 years ago our family had one vision for the type of business we wanted for ourselves and our customers. First we wanted to make sure that everything that left our door was of the highest quality and finish.

We work with our factories and our suppliers each and everyday to provide the highest quality Sterling Silver Jewelry and gifts available.  Every sterling silver gift goes through a complete inspection and all final finishing and polishing is done here in our facility. Every engraved piece is done in-house with our master engraver on some of the finest equipment available anywhere.

Prices you can trust…

As I read my daily newspaper and browse all the ads I am constantly surprised by how many jewelry and gifts stores seem to be running huge sales almost every week.  Some of these sales go as high as 80% off….wow.. .   I wonder what the people think who shop at these stores and pay full price because of some bad timing or a immediate need for a gift for an special occasion.

What you need to know when shopping online

Shopping on the web can be a scary thing, so here are a few tips to help you while shopping online.  When I am looking at a site and trying to determine if I trust them and want to do business with them I always look for a few basic things.  First do they have a privacy policy?  All sites should have one and it should tell you how they use information that they collect on you during the shopping process.  Read this carefully if what they have written doesn’t make you comfortable then it’s time to leave and find another site.  One more comment about a company’s privacy policy.  I always like to read that in their policy that they do not sell or market my information to any outside companies.  (Privacy should always mean privacy).