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History of Valentine’s Day – February 14th

The History of Valentines DayFor centuries, people have celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14th as a holiday of romance and love. However, who exactly was St. Valentine? Why is he associated with love? There is little definitive historical fact about this connection, but there are a number of very intriguing legends regarding Saint Valentine.

There were actually three men named Valentine who have become Catholic saints, all martyred in February. First was Valentine of Rome, then Valentine of Terni, and another Valentine who was killed in Africa. Most branches of Catholicism have not celebrated the feast day of St. Valentine since the 1960s because so little is known about the men. However, by that time, it had already become very popular in secular culture.

Why Silver and Gold Lockets are the perfect gift for any occassion

Silver Lockets are the perfect gift

I think that engraved lockets are just about the most perfect gift for almost any occasion.  So I guess I should explain myself a little. In the 9 years that I have been in this business I have seen our customers do some amazing things with their custom engraved lockets. Since we engrave most of the silver and gold lockets we sell, you can make each gift giving opportunity unique with an custom engraved message or even a fun thought.

Silver lockets – timeless gifts for that special someone

Silver Book Locket timeless gift
Victorian Style Silver Book Locket

Lockets have played all kinds of roles over the ages. They have been used just as pieces of jewelry, or to keep a photograph of a loved one near, or even to mask out odors and other foul smells. Lockets are generally presented to loved ones on occasions like Valentine’s Day, weddings and christenings. They were very popular during the Victorian age and were noticed especially at funerals. Today, lockets make endearing gifts that are sure to be cherished. Let us look at some of the options of silver lockets that you can choose from.

Valentine’s Day Traditions – Gift Giving Ideas

I was recently wondering where Valentine’s Day came from. Some experts state that it originated from St. Valentine, a Roman who was martyred for refusing to give up Christianity and died on February 14, 269 A.D.. Actually there have been many people named Valentine throughout time so knowing exactly which one to attribute this event to is very hard and probably not that important.  What is important is that for hundreds of years people have been marking February 14th as a time to show love and affection.  The methods that people use to show there love and affection vary greatly from country to country but the common underlying thread with all these great traditions is the sharing and expression of one’s feelings for another.   I love this time of year because we have so many of our customers ask us to  engrave valentine messages to their loved ones.  We take great care and joy in engraving our customers special thoughts on things like silver lockets , silver pillboxes and jewelry.  Sterling Silver Gifts can last a life-time and make a perfect Valentine’s gifts.  For those of you who are like I am and always wait too long to get your gift – don’t worry we have almost everything we carry in stock and we do all our engraving in-house.  Normally engraved orders always ship within 48 hours during normal business days….. From all of us at Silver Mine Gifts have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and tell someone you love them….  Ralph

Vinaigrette Sterling Silver Lockets

Victorian Style Vinaigrette Sterling Silver LocketWe have had several of our customers ask, what is a Vinaigrette Locket?  No, it has nothing to do with a nice light dressing for your salad.  Typically the front of a Vinaigrette Silver locket has open filigree work and the back of the locket is solid. Sometimes the filigree open work is on both sides. These types of Silver Lockets were used in Victorian times and earlier and had a little sponge or piece of cloth inside that would be soaked in a ladies perfume or a solid perfume could be put inside.   A lady would hold the locket up to her nose as she passed by certain areas that maybe did not have the sweetest of aromas.  The earliest of Aromatherapy treatments. Today we sell these Sterling Silver Lockets in many different styles and we are in the process of adding 15 new styles to our locket collection.

Hand Engraved Silver Lockets

This silver locket is hand engraved in a pretty tri-color floral design. Silver lockets are always a wonderful keepsake gift idea for a baby or that special young lady! We have a variety of different styles that may be engraved to add that special touch! Always tarnish free, these silver lockets come with a lifetime guarantee!

Silver Gifts to Be Cherished

Choosing a baby gift that is worth giving is one of our specialties! Always a favorite silver lockets are a popular choice when it comes to giving a keepsake gift that will be cherished! Engrave this gift with the baby’s birth date and initials that will truly give it meaning! Looking for those special occasion gifts? Check out our entire selection of fine sterling silver gifts for everyone on your gift giving list!

A True Classic – Silver Lockets

Through the years silver lockets have always been a treasured keepsake. Something that will be kept throughout a lifetime and maybe handed down through generations. With the our high quality silver lockets you will not be disappointed! The front center of the locket has a fine satin finish. This locket has a tarnish free finish, and comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. Arrives in a beautiful white box, ready for gift giving!

A Baby Gift of Keepsake Quality

What makes a baby gift really special? Something that comes from the heart and will be kept for years to come! The silver baby rattle can be personalized with a heart felt engrave!  Makes a wonderful gift for baby’s arrival, first birthday or christening! Choose from our wonderful collection of silver lockets or silver jewelry for another keepsake option!

Family Heirlooms become affordable

In a time when we are all trying to control our spending it’s more important than ever that when thinking about gift giving events to pick something that will last generations and be affordable.    All of our Sterling Silver Gifts are designed to last generations and can make your next gift giving event one that will be remembered and cherished as a new family heirloom.  Many of our gift categories work well as family heirlooms such as: Engravable Baby Gifts, Sterling Silver Lockets and Silver Pillboxes.  Best of all since we are a small family owned company and  produce many of our own items and carefully inspect all of them for the highest quality ,you can rest assured that your order will not only have the best price available, arrive quickly and will always be heirloom quality.