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History of Christmas Tree / Holiday Ornaments

Sterling Silver Rocking Horse Christmas Tree / Holiday OrnamentThe origin of Christmas tree ornaments as we know them today began in Germany in the 17th Century. This was the point where trees were first brought indoors to celebrate Christmas and were decorated. Initially, the decorations were fruits and nuts. There were two reasons for this. On one hand, these were the types of things that grew on the trees naturally. The other reason was that these foods celebrated the hopeful rebirth of the crops in the Spring season.

Silver Holiday Ornaments to Treasure

Just in time for the holidays, get your special holiday silver ornament that will be treasured for years to come! Choose from our fine selection of sterling silver holiday ornaments, that will add a touch of nostalgia to any Christmas tree! One of our favorite is the sterling silver rocking horse made of quality sterling silver and comes with a money back guarantee! Makes a great holiday gift for friends and, family!